June 8th, 2019: Pitch-A-Palooza & Plotluck

Interactive, Multi-Format Pitch Workshop 2019 + Annual Potluck

Are you pitching something (literally, anything) this year? Are you thinking about distributing your work in an emerging format? Our annual Pitch-A-Palooza has you covered. We’ve expanded beyond our traditional focus (helping agent- and editor-seekers prepare for live-pitching at the RWA National Conference). This year, we’re offering pitch practice for authors at a broader range of career stages to serve a broader range of goals. Here’s what to expect:

Format: Four breakout mini-workshops will be staged in different locations throughout the room. Each 40-minute mini-workshop will be facilitated by one or more authors with significant experience successfully pitching in each format. Attendees will be asked to come ready with their pitches in whatever state makes sense given the format. Each session will begin with ~10 minutes of overview information (via the facilitator) for how to pitch in each format. For the remaining 30 minutes, attendees will have a chance to practice their pitches, present their plan, or ask questions and ask for help working through challenges.

Mini-Workshop Topics: Since there will only be time for two breakout sessions, attendees should choose their top two from the following topics: 

Live Pitching Agents and Editors. Headed to RWA Nationals or attending other conferences this year? If you’ll be pitching agents and editors, come to this breakout to practice (and hear feedback on!) your pitch!Twitter Pitching. Do you prefer to pitch from the comfort of your own home, in your bath robe, with a glass of wine? The Twitter pitch session may be for you. This session will also cover #PitMad, #DVPit and other pitch opportunities that relate to winning critiques and finding mentors—not just selling manuscripts. If you’re brand new and just want information about Twitter pitching, you don’t need to bring anything. If you have your pitch(es) drafted, bring 12 copies so that others can read your pitch as part of the critique.Pitching for New Formats. What if you’re not selling a traditional manuscript? What if you’re pitching a serial (e.g. Radish) or pitching a game (e.g. Choice of Games)? This session will introduce some of the newer and emerging formats that authors are using to distribute their work and will discuss thinking critically about your pitch. If you’re brand new and just want information about pitching for new formats, you don’t need to bring anything. If you have a pitch plan in mind and want feedback, come ready to explain what you’re considering pitching and what your questions are.Query Letter Pitching. If you’re querying (or plan to query after conference season), bring your questions to the mini-workshop. Given the long-form nature of query letters, individual reviews and critiques won’t be pursued if the numbers are too large. Come with a good understanding of what your letter’s strengths and weaknesses may be so that you can ask pointed questions to group members for advice. Bring several copies of your query letter in case we end up having time for individual critiques.Plotluck. With an “L”.

Instead of moseying over to Café Leila, as we usually do, we’ll be staying in the room and enjoying a casual, fun lunch as a group! Please cook (or buy) whatever you’re great at cooking (or buying), and bring it, as long as it’s not alcohol, because that’s not allowed. Also, if your dish contains common allergens (e.g., nuts), or ingredients that large numbers of people avoid (e.g., dairy, gluten, meat products) please bring a sign indicating what your dish contains. Similarly, if your dish is free of common avoided foods (e.g., gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, Keto-friendly, etc.) please bring a sign to indicate that, too!


9:30AM - 10:15AM: News and Announcements

10:15AM - 10:30AM: Break

10:30AM – 10:45AM: Overview of Breakouts

10:45AM – 11:25AM: Breakout Session I

11:25AM – 11:35AM: Break

11:35AM – 12:15PM: Breakout Session II

12:15PM – 2:00PMP Plotluck!


Register before 5:00pm Friday, June 7th using the links below. You will be taken to PayPal, where you can either use your PayPal account or a credit card (no account needed) to pre-pay for the meeting. A $5 discount is offered to members who register in advance.After 5:00pm Friday, walk-ins will be welcomed on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Register before 5:00pm Friday, June 7th (members)

Register after 5:00pm Friday June 7th, or walk-in (members)

Guest registration

Board member registration

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