Heart to Heart Contest

Enter your unpublished manuscript in the SFA-RWA's annual contest and win the chance to get your work in front of top agents and editors.

Congrats to the 2019 Finalists and Winners! 

(Please note, we are not holding our contest in 2020, but plan to in 2021. Thank you for your interest!)

Finalist for the YA Category

1. The Keystone by Wendy Goodman

2. 2020 Vision by Wendy Bunnell

Finalist for the Historical Category

1. A Rebel and Her Rogue by Susan Varno

2. Pride and Perfection by Cathy Leming

3. Buttercup in Winter by Mary-Teresa Heath

Finalists for the Romantic Suspense Category

1. Hardwired by Reva Taylor

2. Lethal Lies by Vicki Briner

3. The Cottage on Palm Court by Stephanie A. Edwards

Finalist for the Contemporary Category

1. Incomparable by Sera Taíno

2. Just Tell Me by Michael Butler

3. First Came A Tremble by Charlsie Estess

Finalist for the Speculative Romance Category 

1.The Plant Hunter by Kathleen Huffman

2. Praetorian Rising by Lisa M. Knight

3. Some Strangeness Joanne White


Send us your amazing first fifteen pages! No need to set the stage or give us a synopsis--let your characters do the talking. We can't wait to read your work! (Limit: 4000 words.)


Experienced, trained PRO and PAN authors provide detailed score sheets and feedback in twenty areas.

Final Round Judges listed for each category. More will be added as they are confirmed. 


Get your story in the hands of acquiring editors and agents.

Please note, we are not holding our contest in 2020, but plan to in 2021. Thank you for your interest!



Novels set from 1950 to the present

Final Round Judge:

Eva Scalzo, Literary Agent

Elizabeth May, Editor, Kensington


Romance novels set prior to 1950

Final Round Judge: 

Jennie Conway, Editor St. Martin's Press 


Romance novels containing intrigue, suspense, thriller or mystery elements

Final Round Judge:

Tara Gelsomino, Agent, One Track Literary Agency


Novels that mix the elements of paranormal, speculative fiction, or fantasy with the romance

Final Round Judge:

Stephanie Phillips, Literary Agent, SBR Media 


Novels in which sensuality constitutes a strong element in the romance as the romantic relationship develops



Novels with a strong romantic theme geared toward the young adult reader. These novels may contain paranormal, time travel, futuristic, or fantasy elements.

Final Round Judge:

Laurie McLean, Agent, Fuse Literary 

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