November 14, 2020 - General Meeting via Zoom

Embarking on a Life of Crime

Thinking of trying your hand at a mystery? Or looking to mix a criminal element into your romance? At this meeting, Margaret Lucke will offer the clues to the art, the craft, and the business of writing crime fiction in its many forms, including detective stories (from cozy to hard-boiled), thrillers, and suspense. Join us investigate the tropes, the reader expectations, and the rewards of this popular genre, and to sleuth out some ways to make a life of crime work for you.

Margaret Lucke is the author of two novels of paranormal suspense, House of Desire and House of Whispers, and two mysteries, Snow Angel and A Relative Stranger (an Anthony Award finalist). She is also the editor of Fault Lines: Stories by Northern California Crime Writers, a short story anthology published by the NorCal chapter of Sisters in Crime. Her latest mystery short story, “Thus With a Kiss,” appears in the brand-new anthology Murder Most Theatrical, coming out October 1. She has taught classes in mystery writing and general fiction for UC Berkeley Extension for more than two decades, and has served as the president of the NorCal chapter of Mystery Writers of America. She has been a member of SFA-RWA since 2008 and edits our newsletter, Heart of the Bay. Learn more at

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