January 11th, 2020: State of RWA Discussion

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Due to the ongoing situation with the RWA National Board, we have rescheduled Amy Lane as our featured January speaker in order to have an open conversation and answer questions about the state the organization. Amy Lane has been rescheduled for the February meeting.

Updated information on the January meeting:

As many of you know, the last few weeks have been tumultuous for RWA. With the future of the organization at a crossroads, the board has decided use the January meeting as a time to have open and honest conversations about member experiences, concerns, and plans for the future.

Because of the nature of the discussion and the desire to create a safe space, the meeting will be open to RWA members only. We will welcome guests back in February.

Also, because of the lack of a featured speaker, and the desire to include as many members in the conversation as possible, this meeting will be free to attend.


9am - Marginalized Member Listening Roundtable

Any member that identifies as marginalized is welcome to attend the Roundtable and share their stories, needs, and concerns with the Board in an open and safe environment. Kilby Blades will moderate.

10a - General Membership Registration

10:30 - General Business Meeting

Items to discuss are:

1. Recap and discussion of national organization situation

2. Recap of Marginalized Member Listening Roundtable

3. Planning for the future

4. Q&A

If you wish to submit questions, experiences, or topics for discussion anonymously, you can do so by submitting them through this link: . No personal information will be collected.

We hope that you are able to join us for what will is an essential conversation on the future of both RWA as a national organization and on the chapter level. Your voice is vital to help decide what our next steps as a chapter will be. We want everyone's voice to be heard.

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