April 11, 2020 - General Meeting via Zoom

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Dear Members & Guests:

Our monthly SFA-RWA meeting will be held virtually this Saturday, April 11 at 9:30am, using Zoom.

Click here to pay $1 if you are a member: Click here to pay $5 if you are a guest:

Please use your RWA login credentials and go to the SFA-RWA loop ( for the Zoom meeting credentials. This two-step process helps keep our Zoom account secure.

If you get stuck or can’t get in, email me at I’ll do my best to help.

“See” you soon! AGENDA SFA-RWA Meeting, April 11, 2020 1) Introductions of new members and visitors (should they so desire) 2) Introductions of the new board 3) Board reports (if there are any) 4) First sales, new sales, new self-publications 5) Good news/bad news 6) Round Robin (everyone gets to say a sentence about where they are in their careers, their lives, coping with the pandemic, other) 7) Discussion of trip(s) to national conference 8) General discussion (time permitting)

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